Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Bella!

We had a great time at Bella's party. All the girls were so cute in their tutus. Thanks for a fun party!

Fun times at Gran's

Abby and I went to my mom's this last weekend and has always had a great time. I was a little sick and it was nice having my mom there to take care of me. I also got to meet my sister Cayce's new boyfriend. She is my youngest sister and now that's she 18 years old it makes me feel way old. Her boyfriend is nice but no one is good enough for either of my beautiful sisters. My brother Cally who is 12 years old makes me laugh. He has never held a baby and watching him try to hold Abby is something very comical. Being the oldest of five children makes it very weird that he has never been around a baby but he is very sweet and Abby loves him. It was wonderful being around all of them again. I've prayed so long for my mom, sisters and brothers to live closer. They have been out of state for too long. We're glad to have them back in Texas. Now we just have to get my dad out. We should know whether he is to be released or spend another 2.5 years in November. He's chances of getting out are 50/50. I really do miss him and so sad that he has missed out on Abby's first year but I know God is in control and He will do what is best. Well, I'm off to the big city of Abilene this weekend to visit my grandmother. We haven't been back in months so I'm ready to go home for a couple of days. Chaz is staying here and holding the fort down with the dogs. We'll catch everyone next weekend. And before I forget GO COWBOYS on Sunday. We have to get this one.