Wednesday, May 12, 2010

32 weeks and counting

Well I'm nearing the end of this long, hard pregnancy. I've really tried to enjoy it since I know this is the last time I will do this but it's been very up and down. At 20 weeks we discovered that Caden has what's called a Single Artery Umbilical Cord which means he's only getting 50% blood flow. A normal baby has 2 arteries and one vein in the cord where Caden only has one artery and one vein. We've been so blessed that nothing else seems to be wrong. I've had sonograms with every visit and so far Caden is growing and developing great. I've also had so much sickness with him and lots of contractions. I've had to be on bed rest several times but thank goodness I've always been able to stop them and stay out to of the hospital. Our next challenge is turning him. Just like Charlie, Caden is sideways and the doctor is going to turn him at 37 weeks. This is very painful but I did with Charlie and at least I know what to expect this time around. It just doesn't stop with this very active little boy. He never seems to stop moving, in fact I've asked the doctor is it's a bad thing because he really is moving at all time. I'm a little worried this means he's going to just as active when he's finally here. Anyway I'm getting very ready for him to be here. I still have things to do in his room but it's coming together. I want to post pics soon after I hang some things up. I can't believe he could be in as little as 5 weeks. I have to be ready to have him when the doctor flips him because it could put me into labor.