Sunday, December 06, 2009

We have an announcement!!

Abigail will be 4 on the 12Th of December, Charlie turned 2 in September and July will mark another birthday for our new little one on the way. I'm 10 weeks now and still not quite over the shock even though I've known for about 7 weeks now. I feel very pregnant but can't seem to wrap my brain around the fact that I will have 3 kids 4 years and younger. I still feel like I don't have it together with 2 yet so trying to picture myself getting ready to go anywhere with 3 kiddos just makes me dizzy. At least this time around Abby will know what's going on. She was only a year when I got pregnant with Charlie but this time she has 20 questions about everything. I really think she's going to be a big help with this one. I think Charlie will have some jealous issues. Poor thing really has to fight Abby for my attention. She's very much a mamma's girl and won't let me do anything with Charlie if it doesn't include her being in the middle of it all. The worst of it all is that I had sold the rest of my infant stuff a week before we got pregnant. I wasn't sure if we would have another one and was tired of storing all that stuff. So we now have to start over. At least I know now what I really need and what I really won't use that long. We are excited and I'm just glad that I know what to expect both with pregnancy and after. My due date is July 3rd, which is Chaz's birthday. It would be funny to have them share a birthday but if this one is anything like the other two then I have this one the end of June instead of July. We'll see. Anyway I've had 2 sonograms and both look great. We should know what if it's a boy or a girl sometime after the holidays. My doctor does sonograms a lot so I could find out early like I did with Charlie. We knew he was a boy at 12 weeks. But I open to finding out whenever and it's also nice to already have a boy and a girl. This time we really don't care what it is. But I do think it would be fun to have another girl. I really do miss all those little girl things. Abby is starting to grow out of some of that. Of course Charlie would love to have a brother and they will be closer in age. But trust that God has the perfect child for us. We're excited and I guess somewhat ready to go through this journey again. God has never let us down so I know he is with us now too.