Monday, February 12, 2007

Feeling Very Pregnant!

Well I'm starting my 11th week now and so far things are rolling right along. I've been pretty sick but I know it all for a good cause. I've been working 10 hours shifts 2 days a week which hasn't help with the morning sickness but I know that staying home it's going to make it go away. So off to work I go. We've had 2 sonograms and everything looks great. The due date is Sept. 12th. We will have another sono next week and I'm hoping it will look more like a baby instead of an alien. I'm ready to find out what we're having. I just can't wait to decorate the room. We've decided to move Abby into the guest room with the full size bed. If the baby is another girl then we'll leave Abby's old room the same but if it's a boy then Chaz said the strips have to go, which makes me sad. My mom and I worked so hard to paint those strips but oh well. I'm excited about doing Abby another room. It's all I can do not to decorate it now but I'm going to wait awhile. She is still to young to move into a big girl bed. We'll probably wait till she's 18 months. That will give us 2 months for her to get used to it before the baby comes. I'm sure I'll be hitting some of you moms about the best way to do that. Well, I'll try to scan the sono pic. next week and everyone can see the new Railsback addition.