Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ski Trip 2008

Well we survived our first trip as a family of four to Taos, New Mexico. We left last Sunday morning at 5:00 am and got back at 11:00 pm last night. It was a long week but loads of fun. Both kids did so much better in the car than I thought they would. I don't know what I would do without our DVD player but I think I have hours of Blues Clues and Dora memorized. It was a 12 hour drive and the kids slept a total of 45 min in the car. As many of you know my kids are not sleepers and this trip was certainly no exception. Charlie slept a total of 3-4 hours a night and would only take a small hour nap during the day. That didn't seem to slow him down though. Abby did better and would slept around 7 hours a night. Despite not sleeping the whole week we did have a lot of fun. It snowed the whole time we were there. My car ended up getting stuck in about 5 feet of snow and took hours to get out. The skiing was great! I've never seen so much snow! It was a winter wonderland for sure. Abby was so excited about skiing. I wasn't going to bother putting her in ski school because I just knew she would freak out as soon as they put on those heavy boots but she proved me wrong. She was a natural and loved it. Who knew that my little girl who is so afraid of everything would love skiing. We couldn't get her off the mountain. Charlie also loved the snow. He looked hilarious with all his snow gear on. He was all over the place and worn all of us out. We went with Chaz's whole family and stayed in his family's cabin they've had for over 40 years in Tres Ritos. It's so cute and opening presents on Christmas morning in the moutains, with all the snow was priceless. We all had a great time but glad to be home and back to 70 degree weather. Merry Christmas to everyone and happy New Year. May yours be a blessed one.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Abby!!

Abby riding her new bike.

Chaz and me dressed for his work holiday party.

Abby right after she got her bike.

Monica and sweet Annie. Could be one of Charlie future girlfriends. No pressure but she is cute.

My dear friend, Stacey and her two precious girls.

Sweet little Andrew, always happy.

Emma and Addie enjoying their lunch.

My precious little princess. Happy birthday, Abby!!

I can't believe my little Abby is 3 years old! She's growing up too fast. We had her princess party on Friday and it was crazy but fun. All her little friends were there to celebrate and Abby was so excited. Chaz and I got her a bike which she loved and still can't stop thanking us for it. It's so sweet when out of no where she comes over and says thank you so much for her beautiful bike. I did make her cake this year too which I'm not sure I will do again. By the pictures you can tell that's it's a castle cake and it took forever to make. I didn't even want to eat it because I was so sick of looking at it. Abby loved it which I was glad. The party went better than I thought. I knew it was going to be crazy with so many little girls and several little ones Charlie age but it went pretty smooth. I was so tired afterwards but glad that Abby was so happy. Right after her party Chaz and I had to get ready for his office party. That was fun too and it was fun to get all dressed up since I never get too. We got a hotel room for that night which was great. I was disappointed when we found out that they were out of king beds but it was kind of nice having my own bed all to myself. I went up by myself and went to bed by 10:30. Chaz stayed and hung out with friends. I actually loved the quiet time to myself. We then slept in and went to breakfast before going home. We hadn't had that much time to ourselves in a long time. It was so nice just being together. But I was ready to go home and see the kiddos too. I want to post more about Abby and her birthday later but here are some pics from her party. Lots of princesses and pink. Happy Birthday my little princess!!