Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fun weekend!

This next pic isn't from this weekend I just wanted to show how Abby is now making this cheesy smile. I don't know why she is doing it but it's funny.

Chaz and his high school friends from Fort Worth Christian with all their kids. What a fun bunch!

We had a good weekend at Chaz's 10 year high school reunion. He is so old! Just kidding honey, you know you will always be 21 to me. Abby did good even though she is teething and didn't get much sleep. She is such a good kid. I can't help but praise God for making me her mother. Anyway I thought I would show some pics of the weekend.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My little girl is growing up!

Well today Abby crawled for the first time. I was so excited but so sad at the same time. I know her world is fixing to change a great deal but so is mine. I still remember holding her the night she was born and thinking how small is was. Now she is so heavy and is crawling! It makes me want to cry. I was able to capture the event on film so Chaz could see it. He was so excited! My favorite part of the day is being on the floor with Abby and Chaz playing. Now it looks like it will be more like chasing her around. Man they really do grow up fast!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pics of Abby and outfits that I've made

I thought I would try to publish some pics. We will see if it works.

I'm so computer challenged!

Well I've been trying to create a blog forever and have had many frustrating moments. But I'm praying that's all behind me. I just love looking at everyone blogs and especially love looking at pics of all the little ones. Well things have been crazy around here. I've decieded that's time for me to go back to work and with many prayers I think I found something perfect. The thought of leaving Abby breaks my heart but I know she will be in great hands. My job is with a nursing staff agency. I will pick my hours weekly along with the days I want to work. I'm only going to work a couple of days a week so I think it will be the best of both worlds, out of the house some and not being away from Abby that much. The job won't be without it's challenges. I will be doing Homehealth/private duty with kids. Most of them have cancer or are on a trach. I know it will be emotionaly draining but I know God will place me with the kids that really need my help. On top of that my sister-in-law and me have started our own kid's clothing line. We named it Dragon Babies. She lives in Southlake and right now we are focusing on dragon stuff. I think we will do well but of course I'm really nerveness about it. I love making them but now the pressure is on. We have our first craft show in Nov. I have so much to do to get ready for that. We don't have a website yet but I'll let everyone know when we do get one. Anyway, I'm excited to be doing what I love. I just pray that Abby will adjust ok to being at Chesley's. She is a real mommy's girl.