Saturday, April 28, 2007

21 weeks and counting

I know it's been a long time since I've blogged but we've been without Internet for 3 weeks. It felt like a lifetime! Anyway, things have been crazy around here. Abby went through a long period of being sick, our neighborhood was hit by a tornado and we've been moving furniture around to make room for the Charlie. My house is a wreck but on the upside I'm feeling good. I'm starting my 21st week and now feeling a little stressed to get everything done. I really want to enjoy this summer with Abby and not have to worry about decorating. I've really been having fun decorating Abby's new room. I haven't done much yet but know what I want it to look like. I also know that I'm doing Charlie's room in western cowboy. I do have to say that decorating Abby's room is a little more fun. I guess because it's a girly room. Anyway, we fixed the fence last week. We are very lucky it was only our fence. There was a lot of roof damage done to other houses. God was really watching over us. I think Abby is finally over being sick. I hesitate to say that because I just had to give her Motrin so she would go to sleep. We did our 20 week sonogram this week and everything looked great. It's still a boy, Chaz was nervous that something may had fallen off, but it didn't. He is right on track. He is moving around like crazy which I didn't experience with Abby. He is already so different than Abby. Lately I've been counting my blessing about how much God has blessed me with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Too many of our friends haven't been so lucky. It's especially been hard since I work with terminally sick children and things at work have been bad. We had a nurse abuse two foster children that I have has patients. It's been an terrible situation. On the other side, my other patient is finally out of the hospital and doing good. We did find out that his brain is falling out of the back of his head but after they do surgery, it should cure many of his other health issues. Sorry I was all over the place. I promise to do better at updating now that I can.