Tuesday, August 21, 2007

100 things about me. I thought I'd join in with everyone else.

1. I love so so very much any kind of chocolate especially choc. cake with choc. icing. I think vanilla is a waste of time.

2. I don't pray as often as I should and then wonder to often why he doesn't answer my prayers when I think they should be answered.

3. I'm very hard headed.

4. I also have a pretty bad temper.

5. I pray a lot for #4.

6. I like to think my temper has gotten a little better.

7. I wish I never had started coloring my hair. It used to be a reddish, brown color. Now who knows what color it is.

8. I love watching cooking shows.

9. I'm not a great cook but I do my best.

10. I grew up eating hamburger helper and love it still today.

11. Chaz hates and won't let me cook it.

12. I was the oldest of 5 and my house was always crazy.

13. I wish I knew my youngest brother better. There's a 16 year difference and we've never lived close together.

14. I admire my sister Courtni's drive to get her doctrine.

15. I wish I had done better in college. I never really gave it my all until nursing school.

16. I love taking naps. I almost have to take one everyday whether I'm pregnant or not.

17. Some people may call me lazy.

18. I love looking into Abby's eyes. I see a lot of myself in her eyes.

19. I hope Charlie has Abby's big brown eyes. Chaz wants them to be blue like his. I'll take whatever God gives me.

20. I love sports! Playing them and watching them. I especially love football and the Cowboys. I used to play tennis and really miss it.

21. I've never dated anyone my age. All my boyfriends have been at least 2 years older.

22. Chaz is 2 years older.

23. We met at ACU in Biology class. Chaz sat next to me and one day asked if we could share the biology book because he had forgot his. We starting talking and have been together ever since. He proposed to me in that classroom, in the same chairs we were in when we met. He also told me that night that he had his book with him the whole time. He just wanted a reason to talk to me. What a romantic!

24. I truly feel so very blessed to have married such a good man. No one else could put up with me.

25. I have two kids and really want one more. Chaz may need some convincing.

26. I really don't like being pregnant.

27. The thought of giving birth excites me. I really don't have many worries about it.

28. I do worry about raising 2 kids. It all goes back to the patience and temper thing.

29. I don't like to cuddle.

30. I tried out for the cheer leading team my freshman year. I did a cart wheel, fell and couldn't stop laughing. I didn't make the team but became best friends with the cheerleaders anyway. 3 of them are still my best friends.

31. Those 3 girls and I get together at least once a year for a girl's trip and those are some of my favorite times.

32. I loved going to New York. I wish I was one of those people that had what it takes to live there but I'm to lazy for that place.

33. I hate going to the grocery store.

34. I can't iron at all. I really try and it's really sad.

35. When my mom comes to visit she irons our clothes. She even irons our pillow cases. She says it relaxes her. She's crazy!

36. I don't eat healthy at all. I may go days without eating a vegetable.

37. I also hate milk.

38. Now that I think about it, it's amazing I'm not sick all the time because of my diet.

39. I really struggle with my weight.

40. I was a size 12 when Chaz and I got married. I can't believe I was that big.

41. After our one year anniversary, I lost 40 pounds.

42. Now I love to work out, especially running. I never thought I'd say that.

43. I can't wait for Abby to get old enough for me to ask her if she thinks what I'm wearing looks stupid. I'm always questioning that. It will be nice to have a woman's
opinion. I guess I got to used to having my mom and two sisters to ask.

44. Chaz is a little colored blind so asking him is pointless.

45. I don't like the idea of getting older.

46. My grandmother is 94 years old. I really don't want to live that long.

47. I have very crazy dreams. I usually always remember them too. I can't watch scary movies because I will have very scary dreams afterwards.

48. Chaz loves scary movies and loves when my sister Courtni comes to visit because they stay up late watching them. I'm usually in the bedroom watching a non-scary girly movie by myself.

49. I've always wanted to have blue eyes. I tried to use those colored lenses but my eyes are so dark that you couldn't even tell that I had them in.

50. As I've gotten older, I've grown to really like my brown eyes.

51. I really want to get a boob job after I have all my kids. I want to have them lifted and put back where they should be.

52. The doctors can do whatever they think else I need done while they are working on my girls.

53. I'm having contractions while I'm writing this. I wish I would go into labor tonight but only after I finish the cake I've got in the oven.

54. I might show up at the hospital with the cake.

55. I may or may not share that cake.

56. I'm a terrible speller.

57. I used to love math in school but now I can't seem to remember how to do a lot of math. I guess it's true, if you don't use it you loss it.

58. I love being a nurse. I really think God lead me to it.

59. Things that gross most people out, I find fascinating, like open wounds and surgery.

60. I'm very completely challenged. I don't even know how to text message.

61. I get tired of emailing people. Sometimes I just want to talk on the phone.

62. I still laugh at Seame Street. Abby loves that show and we laugh at it together.

63. Chaz keeps me laughing all the time.

64. When we first met I thought he told me his name was Jazz. I went on our first date thinking that.

65. I'm terrible with remembering names.

66. I always wanted my nickname to be Charlie. So I love that I'm at least going to have a Charlie.

67. I hated having the name Calista growing up. I have gone my whole life having to spell out my name to people.

68. Now I have to spell out my last name too.

69. I still can't believe I'm going to be a mother of two. I don't feel old enough to have 2 kids.

70. Like Ches, I love All My Children. I don't watch it every day but at least 3 times a week.

71. I used to love Days of Our Lives but it gets a little too crazy.

72. I'm watching the Cowboy game right now and their playing terrible. Very disappointing.

73. My first boyfriend in High School was the football star of our school. The coach told me that I had to be nice to Jim during football season or he would fail me. I really didn't like that coach.

74. I can play the piano and clarinet. I can't read sheet music. I had to convert everything to numbers to learn the music and I used to be able to play a song after only hearing it a couple of times.

75. I was in the marching band in High School. We were #1 in our district.

76. At our school it was really cool to be in the band.

77. I played basketball my junior year and was terrible.

78. I was also in the school play and was equally terrible.

79. I finally learned to stick with what I was good at which was tennis.

80. I love to decorate my house. Most of the furniture in our house I've either made or redone.

81. I can't wait to move so I can start over.

82. Maybe that's why I want more kids. So I can decorate another room.

83. I think I ate fries at lunch and at dinner. Man, that can't be good.

84. When I was born I had the cord around my neck three times. The doctor thought I was dead and gave me a shot in my leg. When they did that I kicked and I still have a scar where they gave me that shot.

85. I hate to clean!

86. I don't clean my house as often as I should.

87. Abby likes to take wipes and wipe down the furniture. Even a 20 month knows that if she doesn't do it, it may not get done.

88. I can't believe my little sister, Cayce, is going to be a mom. She's going to be great at it. She's has way more patience than I do and I admire her for that.

89. I can't believe that I turned 28 this month. Not that I think that's very old I just never really could see myself older past 21.

90. I'm not a all up to date on music. I never what band, song or artist is singing.

91. I would be the worst contestant ever on that show The Singing Bee.

92. Chaz would be great! He knows so much useless information. He's also be great at any trivia game. I hate playing with him.

93. I think I've eaten some kind of desert everyday for the last month, sometimes a couple of times a day. Man, I've got to get better at saying no.

94. That reminds me, my cake is done.

95. My toe nails are always painted. They may not look that great but they always have some color on them.

96. I hate going to the dentist. I haven't been in years.

97. I had a lot of work done on my teeth as a kid and that's probably I don't go now.

98. I got my first car when I was 15 and got my first ticket the day before my 16th birthday.

99. My car door fell off and I had to drive while holding it so I wouldn't be late to basketball practice.

100. Another car I had, the whole engine fell out while I was driving. It's amazing I lived through high school.

So that's it. It was easier than I thought. OK now I'm going to try not to go eat that cake. Just say no!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

36 weeks pregnant and little Charlie's room is finally finished!

Well I finally finished Charlie's room today with lots of help from little Abby. I think it turned out pretty cute. Just what I pictured. Of course I couldn't of done it without lots of help. It just occurred to me that it's not Abby's nursery anymore. I've been so busy with getting things ready for him that I didn't stop to think about how much work I did to make that room Abby's. I loved it all decorated in pink and green. Now it couldn't be any different. It's amazing that we go through so much trouble and the kids don't even remember what their nursery looked like. I guess it's one to the few times we moms get to pick everything out for them before they start having their own opinions. Well I'm so glad it's done and now I can move on to others things, like cleaning this dirty house. Just 10 days till he's here!! I also included at picture of me at 36 weeks and a picture of Abby playing mommy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Anniversary and Induction date!

Well it's official I'm being inducted on August 28th. I'm so excited and so ready. I'm also glad that knowing the date allows me to plan better. Chaz's parents are going out of town, more like the country, on the 30th so now they can be here for the birth. I was hoping not to have anything else in August since it's our really busy month but I'm ready to hold this little guy. We also just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. I can't believe we've been together for that long. I really feel that we have such a strong and healthy marriage. I'm so very blessed to have such a wonderful man that comes home to me everyday. Chaz has blessed my life more that I could ever express and has been so patient with me through both pregnancies. I know I'm not the easiest person to deal with so he is my calmness and keeps me from completely losing it sometimes. Over the last 6 years we've had a lot happen and he as been so wonderful through it all. I don't think he knew what he was marrying into but has handled it so well. I hope he knows how wonderful I think he is and how great of a husband, friend, and father that I know he is. Honey, I love you and can't wait to spend another 6 years together. Thank you for blessing my life and for being such a wonderful father to Abby and now to Charlie. Happy Anniversary!

Friday, August 03, 2007

The kids' rooms

Well, Charlie's room is almost done. I still need to get the mattress and the curtain is almost complete. I'm also still looking for western stuff to put on the walls but it's coming along. My mother-in-law did an awesome job on the bedding. I just love it!! Also the bed turned out cute. My mom and I worked so hard to paint it and put it together. It's Chaz's old crib, which makes it 30 years old. I hope it stays together. Abby is now in her big girl room. She's still in her crib but we have the full size bed in there too for her to move to later. I think it turned out super girly, which is what I wanted. Anyway, I'm still feeling pretty good. I go to the doctor next week and we'll know more about what we plan on doing. I don't think Charlie's turned yet, so I'm planning on the doctor still trying to flip him. In the mean while we'll still have to pray that he does flip and stays that way. I'll post more after I go next week.