Monday, March 09, 2009

Abby's painting job

For awhile I've been wanting to paint the playroom. We spent so much time up there and I was tired of staring at white walls so Friday I decided that I was finally going to do it. So after I put the kids down for a nap I went to work. I decided that I might as well paint the bookshelves too while I was at it. Because they are so heavy I couldn't carry them downstairs so I thought the back patio would be perfect so I drug them out there and started priming them. I worked a good hour and a half before the kids woke up which stopped me being able to work out side so I decided while they were playing in the playroom I would get started on that. I had put the blue paint, the new wall color for the playroom, on the back porch to keep the kids out of it. Everything was going pretty good. Abby was asking tons of questions about what I was doing but pretty much staying out of the way. After a couple of minutes I noticed it was a little quiet, then I heard a door shut. My first reaction was oh no, Abby went out the front door. So I ran down stairs and looked at the front lawn, didn't see her tried the back door, no Abby. Then it hit me, she's up stairs on the back porch. I ran as fast as I could and found her sitting on a paint can painting the house blue. She not only did that but painted my bookshelves too. There was paint everywhere, all over the balcony, her and the house. She seemed to be so pleased with herself at the painting job she had done. Meanwhile, I was in shock. I couldn't believe what a mess she created in just a couple of minutes. Anyway, I won't get into the details of what happened next. Just know that she was in time out for about 30 minutes till Chaz got home and could deal with her who was covered in paint. I still haven't cleaned up outside, so here's a picture of her painting job to enjoy.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Counting my blessings!

This morning I went to a funeral for a baby that lived only 13 days. It was heartbreaking to watch the parents have to say good-bye to their sweet baby boy. I can't imagine that feeling. I don't think I could ever get over something like that but then again I'm sure no one thinks they would, yet they do. Losing a child, especially a baby has to be the hardest thing a person could ever do. I pray I never have to know what that feels like. I do however know what it feels like to lose a brother but that could never compare to what a parent goes through losing a child. I look at Abby's and Charlie's sweet faces and today, especially thank God that He chose for them to live healthy, happy lives. It's hard not to question why God chooses some over others to live but I do know that He is a fair and a just God. As a pediatric nurse, I see very sick children. Some who have never talked, eaten food by mouth, or looked into their parent's face and yet God choose these children to live. I think that sometimes He chooses others to go be with him to spare them from pain they would have here. I know Michael was not living a healthy, happy life and God saved him from that. I now thank God for sparing Michael anymore pain. That's a blessing to me!! I pray that someday these parents will find blessings in all this. That maybe their child was spared a lifetime of pain and suffering. He's in a place that is free from all this. It makes me so thankful for all the things that He has blessed me with. My children are such a gift and at times I forget that. Between potty training, breaking up fights and just trying to get things done around the house, today I was forced to stop all those things and remember how precious life is and how precious my children are. I don't deserve them and yet God gave them to me. I will promise the parent's of this sweet baby that I will remember the blessing that Cash was and the reminder that God giveth and He taketh away. I pray that God showers this sweet family with comfort and peace and may this remind all of us that this life is so short and we must not waste any moment. Hold your children today and show them how much of a blessing they really are.