Saturday, June 16, 2007

Week 28

So I can't believe that I'm 28 weeks now and only have 10-12 weeks left. I've been feeling pretty good, just tired and having lots of heartburn. We did a 3-D sonogram on Friday and unfortatunly Charlie had his sweet hands in front of his face so we weren't able to get many good pics. We're going back next Friday to try again. He has also been breech everytime we've seen him. We're really hoping he turns soon before he runs out of room. All in all it was wonderful seeing my little man. The part of his face we could see looked like Abby. He has her cubby checks and full lips. We couldn't see any hair yet so he may not have as much as Abby did. He has been moving around so much and keeps me up all night. Abby never did that when I was pregnant. Abby has been so much fun lately. She's learning a new word everyday and can now count to 3. It's been fun watching her learn. She is also very into babies so I hope she will be into baby Charlie too. I'm thinking about getting her a new baby doll that looks real for when Charlie comes home. I'm hoping that will make it easier for her since she will have her own baby to hold. I am starting to get nervous about delivering him. I guess since I remember how hard the recover is and now I will have a 21 month old running around too. I'll be calling all you moms of two asking how you keep from crying all day long.

On another note, We've had a great Father's Day. Since it's been raining for what feels like months, we've just been relaxing inside. I just want to say that I'm married to the sweetest man on earth. He has been so patience and wonderful through all my recent hormonal episodes. I'm so very blessed by him and all the wonderful things he does. I love watching him with Abby. She really does adore her dad. Thanks Chaz for being so wonderful! Happy Father's Day.