Sunday, June 20, 2010

38 weeks

Well here I am at 38 weeks, hot and very ready for little Caden. Things have been progressing pretty slowly and I'm trying very hard to be patient but as many of you know I'm not good with patience. I've prayed, cried and even thrown a few fists wanting this guy to come out. This has been a very long and hard pregnancy. I know I've had it really good compared to a lot of people and I'm trying very hard not to complain. Lately it's been really hard with this 100 plus degree heat, but at least the end is near. I keep reminding myself that I can't be pregnant forever even though it feels like it. Anyway, I'm anxious to hold this little guy. Abby is anxious too. She keeps asking if today is the big day. Can't wait to finally say yes. Charlie is in for a shock. He acts excited but I know he really has no idea how much his little world is about to change forever. I am excited to watch the kids interact with Caden. He's a very lucky boy to have such a great big sister and brother. Here's hoping that the next post is pics of Caden!!!